Chefs that do more than cook

No Small Feast brings the knowledge, experience and passion needed to put on a feast of magnificent proportions. We create memorable events with impact, but to get there, we put in our time.

We start at research and planning to help you visualize your event. Then we move on to the sourcing and cooking, ensuring that nothing leaves our kitchen unless it’s a remarkable achievement of exquisite taste, culinary skill and stunning presentation. Finally, we execute events down to every last detail, even the unexpected ones, and we do it enthusiastically.

Menus that are thoughtfully curated
Service that is intimately attentive

Catering Services

No two events are alike, and we pride ourselves as experts at identifying the unique personality of each event. Once the tone and intent have been established, we oversee everything from the menu and food, to rentals, staff and budgeting.

Bespoke Gatherings

Create a totally custom menu and experience tailored to your unique event.

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