Bespoke Gatherings

Our unique bespoke services set us apart from everyone else. We take a single idea or broad concept and create a totally custom menu and experience around it, showcasing your product, brand or theme in a way that is innovative and inspiring. When you endeavour to throw an event that requires more than just traditional thinking, working with us assures your bespoke gathering will be meticulously considered and flawlessly executed.

Culinary Pairings

For this wine pairing dinner, an elegant menu was created to bring out the virtues of several premium bottles and their regions. Led by a full-bodied Pinot Noir, we served a crispy seared duck breast with soubise, Ontario asparagus, Port reduction, locally foraged chanterelles and a crowning side of smoked foie gras ”cherries”. Dinner guests were not only impressed by the impeccable likeness of our foie gras creations to real glazed cherries, but by the powerful flavours in every bite.

Among the evening’s other selections were Chardonnay paired with a seared branzino and crisp vegetable accompaniments, Cabernet Sauvignon served with a summery lamb duo, and a sweet Sauternes rounded out with a fresh Ontario strawberry chiboust.

Edible Garden

What better way to say botanical, than to create an edible garden presented in terrarium-like glassware? For the Toronto Botanical Gardens, one of our standout presentations included planting pickled and poached baby vegetables in a lovely, light quinoa salad and avocado mousse topped by rye crumb “soil”. A splendid display of colour and blooms, this beautiful starter dish could have stood in place of the floral centrepieces.