Food is our Passion
Service is our Pleasure

We believe food is the centerpiece that we build our relationships and memories around. Our reverence for making meals and marking occasions, to celebrate milestones and achievements with you, only grows with every event we cater.

We first met at an esteemed restaurant where we both worked the frontlines of the kitchen, honing our culinary chops. We soon realized our kindred passion for cooking and pleasing palates was better served in a kitchen of our own creation. Before long our names were being passed through the grapevine as caterers of choice. Our home kitchen gradually evolved into a full-service event company and we haven’t looked back since.

To this day and beyond, food drives us to create, and we make it our mission to share this passion.

– Matt and Mike

Ingredients with Integrity

When the weather is right, we put on our foraging boots and set out to collect wild foods we can incorporate into our recipes.

Our knowledge and passion for foraging provides us with fresh organic produce of a quality that is unsurpassed. We don’t let anything into our kitchen unless it is sourced from the most reputable of origins and meets our high standards.

Our seasonal menus allow us to partner with local producers often, so we can bring a level of excellence to our catering that remains unparalleled in our field.

Exceeding Expectations

There are no egos at No Small Feast. We make great food and top service our priority and deliver on that unspoken promise each and every time without exception.

We treat every event with the utmost attention and dedicate ourselves to a client’s every need. It might not be in the scope, but we don’t hesitate to roll up our sleeves and jump in when there are unanticipated hurdles.

We are reliable, courteous, people-pleasers, known around town for the personal touch we bring to your event.

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Pomp & Circumstance PR
Iceland Air
Tourism Australia
Intact Insurance

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